Adesuwa Eworo is the Creative Director of Captured by Adesuwa Photography (CBA). It is a photography company, specialized in newborn, children and family portraits and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. She holds a B.Sc and M.Sc in Architecture from Caleb University. Her love for children and passion for creating memories are part of what motivated her to delve into this genre of photography. Adesuwa is very passionate about capturing childhood memories, and she does this with so much patience & love. Her father’s detailed and precise documentation of her childhood memories is one of what has inspired this passion for children photography. She encourages parents to do the same for their children.

At Captured by Adesuwa, we want to be there to capture every family milestone with you; from the beautiful mystery of carrying a precious life within, to the overwhelming joy of holding your newborn in your arms for time, the first few weeks, to monthly milestones, first birthday, anniversaries, graduations and lots more… You can trust us to capture your most precious moments and we promise to make it truly worth your time and trust.

Adesuwa Eworo

Creative Director.

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